Founded in 2001 in Montpellier by Jacques Combescure and Guilherme Alazetta, sarl ARTES is an engineering office specialized in structures with capital of € 38,500.
Since its founding ARTES has evolved with the sector to gain over 14 years experience and a loyal clientele. His presence at national and international level on structures projects shows its stability.


Our company applies to all areas of the structures:

• Reinforced concrete
• Prestressed concrete
• Steel and Composite Constructions
• Walls support and shielding
• Marine Works
• Dynamic analysis: Seismic and temporal

Our missions extend to all steps of the project management, on assistance to the work and the mastery of execution methods and business studies.


The company's values are:
The quality of execution of studies in our eyes is a fundamental factor of the quality of the work. The office puts its organization and skills at the disposal of the customer to ensure a construction in the best conditions.